John Asaro :: Nudes

by Ya Head Designs

John Asaro :: Acqua Ballet

John Asaro :: She Never Saw Another Butterfly

John Asaro :: Arrangement

John Asaro :: Dormire

John Asaro :: Reclining Thoroughbred

John Asaro :: Cast ShadowsJohn Asaro :: InterventionJohn Asaro :: Arrangement on BlueJohn Asaro :: Awakening

There is something about the human body that fascinates me: it’s wonderful. Give me a good nude and a technicolor rainbow and I’m set! John Asaro has an uncanny ability to commit the vitality and brilliance of the female body to canvas through an intense color pallet and commanding lines.

“People who share these feelings with me will reflect and confirm one another’s existence, helping us feel secure and not alone in the world.” – John Asaro


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