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New to the Ya Head Handmade Etsy Shop 🙂 Come peruse!

Baby I’m Back!

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve actually been working towards creating an Etsy shop and, as of  yesterday, it’s open!!

You should definitely go check it out:

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Aren’t these patterns fantastic?! Found them on Pinterest (my other lover) and followed them to their parent site.  They’ve been designed for use as background images for the IPad 3: you can even download free jpg’s for personal use. Thanks Simon C!

“Unfinished” Art

I don’t know who painted this but I’m in love. It’s extremely similar to how I’ve always drawn nude models so i feel very akin to this mystery artist. Below is one of my [favorite] personal drawings…

More Skeletal Love

Love Note Chandelier

Love Note Chandelier

Found this photo on the lovely Sadie & Dasie blog. My eye was immediately drawn to the darling chandelier. I feel a D.I.Y. coming on ❤

Kayla (Ya Head) Kerbs :: Skull

As promised, here is my skull. Created in the Scherenschnitte style; this piece is comprised of one black piece of card-stock overlaying one piece of tracing paper. “Scherenschnitte” means “paper-cuts” in German and is forged by slicing and subtracting small regions from a single sheet of paper to generate a larger image. Here, I designed a mosaic-like skull, held together by a serpentine ribbon. Once the black cut-layer was completed, I selectively colored each space with watercolor markers on a single piece of tracing paper. The final result has a stained glass effect when held up to the light. Pretty neat right?

Olivier Valsecchi :: Dust

French photographer Olivier Valsecchi really knows dust. In his series, rather fittingly titled “Dust,” Olivier captures powdered nudes dancing and contorting through mystic plumes of smoke-like dust. With an affinity for creating a rather unique brand of drama, Olivier Valsecchi is one of my favorite photographers… Plus he has a pretty killer name.


Visit Olivier Valsecchi’s portfolio

Skull Love

I wish I knew the artist that this skull belongs to. All I know is that I’ve never met an artist that didn’t love drawing/viewing/studying the skull. I’ve even dabbled in the skeletal arts: stay tuned for my scherenschnitte version…


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